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Providing service for BIPOC Community and at-risk youth of Kitsap County. Our mission is to provide essential services to the BIPOC community and at-risk youth in Kitsap County. We aim to connect with as many vulnerable youth and parents, along with the BIPOC community, by offering mentoring and program opportunities tailored to the unique needs of Kitsap County. These initiatives not only engage young individuals, keeping them occupied and away from potential challenges on the streets but also equip them with valuable tools for their journey into adulthood.

Our Vision

Our programs empower participants to set and achieve goals, surmount obstacles, and navigate through hardship, fostering their development into successful adults and potential community leaders. We aspire to be a steadfast friend and support system, understanding and empathizing with their struggles, actively listening, and guiding them toward positive directions in life.

Meet Our Founder

Julius “Doc” Blackwell grew up in Kitsap County, since the age of 13. Inspired by his family, Doc decided to create a program that would give back to those in need. As a former basketball coach, he started a youth shoe drive, and DocLuvTheKids was born.

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